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The vision that has captivated our hearts is for every remaining unreached group of people on the African continent to be discipled through pioneer church planting. 

We are actively engaged in raising an African missionary force beginning from the shores of Lake Victoria in Uganda, the “Pearl of Africa.” By God’s grace we are believing for the day when every tribe and tongue on the continent has an indigenous, reproducing church planting movement among their people, bringing godly transformation to their societies.

Boldly going where the Gospel has not gone before will take all of us together. We are believing God, not only for thousands of missionaries to be sent out in the next decade, but for thousands of senders on both sides of the ocean to make their work possible. Together let’s mobilize a missionary force for pioneer church planting and reach Africa in our generation.

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Empower Missionaries

For more than three generations the Gospel has been taking root in East Africa, but the season is now changing in this fertile land that has received so much by way of missionaries, finances, and the Word of God. The Church in Uganda must arise with the blessing she has been accustomed to receiving and take it to the unreached nations beyond her borders.

At this moment we are strategically positioned in this largely Christianized land to mobilize an indigenous African missionary force to pioneer church planting movements among nearly 1,000 unreached tribes across the continent.

With years of experience in leading ministry training schools and establishing churches in remote areas, we have recently begun the specialized equipping of indigenous laborers called to the unreached in surrounding lands. The islands of Lake Victoria will not only continue to be a great field of harvest but are quickly becoming a solid training ground for fledgling missionaries to get their feet wet in ministry.

Multiply Churches

We have been involved for many years in church planting in unreached island villages, learning the ropes and overcoming challenges while building a solid model for multiplication in other difficult areas. As our missionaries become proficient in making disciples and organizing them into churches, they will be sent to unreached peoples to begin the process of multiplying churches among them.

While the remaining harvest fields of Africa are primarily strongholds of Islam and extremely difficult places for the Gospel to take root (there’s a reason they are still unreached today!) we believe that the love of Jesus is more potent than any other power, teaching, or religious system and that God will call out those he wants to give their lives away to see movements of churches established in every place.

Transform Regions

We see entire regions being transformed by a unified Church. In church work, it seems nearly impossible to get strong leaders to work in unity but we are seeing the God of the impossible touch the hearts of his people as they come together to build His Church. For many years we have labored amongst existing churches on Lake Victoria’s islands and now resource a majority of their leaders in our Island Leadership Network. In all other unreached target areas where the church begins to multiply, we plan to care for these leaders in the same way that has proven vital in the lives and ministries of our island pastors.


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